Patrick Moreau February 29, 2020

How to pick the best New York immigration lawyer for chinese US visa citizens
Chinese residents US immigration lawyers recommendations: Make sure you provide your contact information! Even if you include it in your cover letter, it needs to be on the résumé, too—in case this page is handled separately. Three things you should never do on your résumé: Do not include a photo of yourself. Do not mention your salary expectations. Do not let your information exceed one typed page. Customize your cover letter for each company and job opportunity. It is time-consuming, but it will help you stand out from other candidates. And do not forget about your soft skills! Traits like communication and organization are highly prized by employers. Mention these strengths in your cover letter and during your interview.

Immigration Attorney Fees: The charging standard must be reasonable, and it is best to charge in steps. (First of all, this can ensure that the lawyer carefully completes every link of the green card application, and can also reduce some of the economic burden). China vs foreign immigration lawyer: Many people may have a professional misunderstanding of American lawyers, because in many cases it is true that local lawyers have more advantages. However, in the face of immigration applications, which basically do not need to go to court, it is necessary to find an immigration lawyer with the best language communication. Finding an immigration lawyer is actually similar to finding a doctor. Since it requires a lot of communication between clients and lawyers, it is recommended to find a lawyer who speaks Chinese. And preferably the customer service and paralegal both speak Chinese and English. In this way, whether it is assessing the status of the application with a lawyer or the assistant receiving the application materials, there can be greater protection and unnecessary errors can be reduced.

Consider how a credential evaluation might help you fulfill your academic and career goals. Read testimonials from immigrants to learn why others are choosing WES. Proofread your application for accuracy and completeness before submitting it. Mistakes can cause delays in completing or sending your report. Include your reference number on all communications and envelopes you send to WES. You can find this in “My Account.” Learn about the required documents to complete your credential evaluation. If required, make sure to send your transcripts in a sealed envelope. If necessary, be sure to send translated documents to WES. Once you apply, download the WES App so that you can access your account from anywhere, anytime. Find more details at

For our chinese readers:

对移民律师不切实际的承诺持怀疑态度: 优秀的移民律师,像其他专业领域的律师一样,依靠扎实的专业技能为客人服务。通常,优秀的移民律师需要大量的案例经验和长期的实践经验,以确保他们在某种案件中的专业水平。遇到不属于自己实践领域的案件时,优秀的移民律师会主动向客户披露,或应客人的要求,推荐相关领域的高级别其他律师。 如果你遇到一位愿意接受你的案件的移民律师,他根本不熟悉案件类型,你必须更加注意它。小心任何建议你做一些可疑事情的移民律师:或说谎申请移民,给律师额外的钱贿赂移民局,或从他或她那里购买假绿卡。

获得美国绿卡的途径: 获得美国绿卡的途径有很多,下面简单介绍8种。 嫁/娶个美国公民: 这是一种最快拿到美国绿卡的方式,这种方式不需要学历和专长。 申请H1B签证再转换成绿卡 美国为了吸引人才,对留学生申请绿卡开辟通道,可以找到一个雇主,然后申请H1B签证,有了h1b签证,接着就可以申请绿卡。不过,如果在H1B签证到期后还没有成功转为绿卡的话,H1B就失效了。请工作绿卡: 工作绿卡分为EB1、EB2、EB3和EB5,其中EB1给杰出人才,目前因为申请人数少没有排期,EB2和EB3的申请条件相对EB1较低,但是有排期(国家利益豁免除外),EB4是神职人员或其他特殊移民,EB5则是给可以在美国创造就业的投资移民。

工作绿卡(Employment Based Green Card),顾名思义给予在美工作人士的绿卡,所以它的获取流程是这样的:获得工作签证在美合法工作(通常是H1-B, L1-A,L1-B) -> 提交工作绿卡申请。工作绿卡分为EB-1,EB-2,EB-3,EB-4和EB-5。其中,EB-5是投资移民,EB-4是给宗教人士和在美军部队服役或美国政府海外机构的工作人员等特殊职业的,EB-1给杰出科研人才的,EB-2给硕士或者博士,或者本科但拥有至少五年相关工作经验的人士的,余下的在美工作人士就归于EB-3了。 在网站上阅读更多信息 移民律师.

咨询意见信真实性不够高: 申请O-1时需要从领域内的权威性组织或个人处获得咨询意见信。如何准备↓咨询意见信需要有明显的水印或其他明显的标记,显示文件的真实性,以免引起移民局的怀疑。咨询意见信在下面三种情况下可以不用提交:你在艺术领域具有杰出能力,你的雇主在两年内曾经为类似的申请提交过咨询意见信。这种情况下,你的雇主需要提交豁免申请以及之前的咨询意见信的副本。你可以证明没有相关组织或权威人士能够出具咨询意见信。情况紧急,比如马上就要来美国参加某项活动,可以不用提交咨询意见信