Month: February 2020

Marian Vasilescu February 2, 2020

Improve your iOS app installs advices? You’ve finally built your own app. You love your design, your app icon, and it works flawlessly on every device you tested it on. The niche you found is unexplored and competition-free. There’s only one problem (and it’s a big one): No one is downloading your app. If that’s […]

Marian Vasilescu February 2, 2020

Best casinos reviews for Korean fans: As a poker greenhorn, it’s essential that you balance the entertainment side of poker with the financial aspect. It’s possible to rack up steep losses in double-quick time, especially if you don’t take the game seriously. The path to poker success is fraught with many challenges. We have crafted […]

John Concrane February 2, 2020

Dating people online advices: One of the most important tips for online dating is knowing how to create a good profile. It’s important to have a profile that illustrates your positive qualities without seeming like you’re showing off. On your EliteSingles profile, for example, the first question asks you to describe yourself, followed by what […]

Marie Poppins February 1, 2020

Joint policies can be poor value and more life insurance tips: Write it in trust to keep the taxman at bay. Writing a policy in trust is easy, and most good insurance companies will help you to do this when you buy the policy. If you don’t write it in trust, it becomes part of […]

Marian Vasilescu February 1, 2020

Bitcoin to Paypal transfers? ShapeShift is the leading exchange that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Dash, Dogecoin and many others. Shapeshift is great for those who want to make instant straightforward trades without signing up to an account or relying on a platform to hold their funds. ShapeShift does not […]