Real Estate

Marian Vasilescu January 12, 2023

Top real estate crowdfunding platforms tracker 2023 by CrowdBulls: Before choosing a real estate crowdfunding platform, always check what licenses specific platforms are holding and what is the scope of those licenses. Most of the platforms disclose their licenses, but not all of the licenses are covering their crowdfunding activities (e.g. there are platforms operating […]

Marie Poppins January 9, 2023

Excellent real estate crowdfunding platforms right now and investment opportunities: Crowdbulls is a real estate crowdfunding platforms tracker. In addition to tracking new projects, funding progress, interest rates, we track overall development of the platforms in scope and calculate various KPIs. What is a real estate crowdfunding project? Real estate crowdfunding project is real estate […]

Amelia Whitehart January 7, 2023

Quality real estate crowdfunding platforms reviews today with CrowdBulls: One of the goals of is to track the platform performance, which give more information and confidence to choose the best real estate crowdfunding platform. In this paragraph we are only covering the main fees for main services, which platforms are applying for investors. There […]

Patrick Moreau December 28, 2022

Jason Craveiro Victoria BC high quality real estate guides today? Here are a few real estate advices: Create A List Of Amenities – When shopping for a home, list the Top 10 features (fireplace, fenced-in yard, new appliances, etc.) that are most important to you. Establishing this criteria early will save time shopping for inappropriate […]