Month: September 2019

Amelia Whitehart September 30, 2019

Stripe has been growing at breakneck speed for years, but according to COO Claire Hughes Johnson, the biggest challenge is integrating new people into such a complex organization. To grow quickly and conscientiously, she recommends startups press pause regularly and answer the following six questions: Have we documented our operating principles? You need to document […]

Marian Vasilescu September 29, 2019

Many individuals are living far away from their countries and they would like to have things to remember them about their home country.For all turkish people around the world there is this family that ships traditional handmade food , with authentic taste, or handmade turkish crafts to anyone anywhere in the world. Would you like […]

John Concrane September 29, 2019

By the 1950s, innovation in plastics and injection-molding meant that snow globes could be made even more cheaply. Even the “snow” that floats around inside the globe, called “flitter” in the business, could be made from plastics—no need to use marble, bone chips, or ground rice anymore (mass-produced plastic glitter, which was allegedly invented in […]

Marie Poppins September 28, 2019

Let’s write about how to achieve a very big GMAT score and, as a result, we will give a few tips about all GMAT topics, focusing on advices about how to prepare for your tests. Remember, your GMAT score goes down much more if you don’t finish a section than if you guess incorrectly on […]

John Concrane September 28, 2019

Tips for optimal maintenance and use of the refrigerator. When buying a refrigerator, the mode of transport to your home is important. My recommendation is that the refrigerator during transport must be upright. If this is not possible then a compromise solution is the position lying on the side with the doors. In-depth cleaning of […]

Patrick Moreau September 28, 2019

South Korea has had a love-hate relationship with gambling. Before gambling was even legalized in the country, law enforcers are keen on cracking down on any form of gambling. As the years progressed, the government shifted its focus on attracting more tourists to the country. Law enforcers became lax when it came to implementing gambling […]