Marian Vasilescu September 14, 2023

Best rated real estate property experts Turkey: Properties located away from the city center, such as Istanbul suburbs, typically have longer investment cycles (at least five years) before significant improvements in infrastructure and increased demand are noticed. The duration varies depending on the exact location and demand, both in the near (5 years) and distant […]

John Concrane August 23, 2023

Sam McQuade on interim Chief Financial Officer advantages for AI right now: We’ve seen hundreds of startups run with a skeleton budget, but the startups that hire a CFO are the ones that end up making critical hires, well-informed business decisions, and raising funding when needed. Ultimately, these startups can go public or sell their […]

Marian Vasilescu August 13, 2023

Sam McQuade CFO of Panterra Finance talking about interim CFO advantages for AI technology these days: Cost Of A Fractional CFO vs Full Time CFO: The cost of fractional CFO services is significantly less than that of making expensive financial decisions without the proper guidance. Fractional CFOs typically get paid hourly since they are part-time […]