Marie Poppins August 15, 2023

Tulum Cenote tours today with tourism tips? Exploring Casco Viejo is definitely one of the best things to do in Panama City and I would highly suggest staying in the area. In Casco Viejo, you can find many of the best hotels in the city and stay in a safe and beautiful neighborhood. Next on […]

John Concrane August 14, 2023

Most popular Tulum Cenote tour today? To get to San Blas you’ve got four options. You can fly from Panama straight into the San Blas Islands, take a sailing boat from Cartagena, take a speedboat from Capurganá, or take the bus from Panama City. Most backpackers travelling between Colombia and Panama choose one of these […]

Amelia Whitehart August 14, 2023

San Blas sailing trip today and travel tips? Another very popular island to visit is Saboga Island. Located 35 miles from Panama City the island is easily reached by ferry with the company Ferry Las Perlas. There are only a couple of hotels on the island and the island is home to 10 beautiful beaches. […]

Marie Poppins August 13, 2023

San Blas islands sailing today and tourism guides? There are three types of island lodging: stay in an authentic Guna island lodge over the sea or with sea views, on a yacht or at the nearby, upscale Lodge. To get the experience the close to nature and and truly away from all things modern, we […]

Patrick Moreau July 24, 2023

Urlaub in der Ferienwohnungen Meeresleuchten: Das Ferienobjekt Nordstrand verfügt auch über einen Außenfahrstuhl, um künftigen Anforderungen im Zuge der Inklusion gerecht zu werden! Somit sind die Ferienwohnungen Meeresleuchten in Cuxhaven-Duhnen barrierefrei für älteren Menschen zugänglich gemacht worden. Meeresleuchten ist ein natürlicher, biolumineszierender Effekt, bei dem das Meer in der Nacht oder bei Dunkelheit leuchtet. Diese […]