John Concrane October 27, 2019

Of the five controls tested the enclosing hood, the downdraught bench and the on-tip extraction system are the most effective. Each has advantages and disadvantages in various situations and careful consideration of the processes and tasks to be controlled is required to select between the three. The mobile capturing hood is capable of controlling exposure if used correctly, but like all capturing hoods requires repositioning if the source moves in order to keep it within the effective capturing zone. This means that the potential for worker misuse leading to exposure to solder fume is high, for this reason it should be considered secondary to the other forms of control in the opinion of the author.

What does LEV testing involve? A thorough examination of equipment including hoods, filters and ducts, measurement of the technical performance using the appropriate equipment and assessment of the effectiveness of the LEV system. We will make recommendations should your system not be up to the required standard. All work is carried out according to HSE guidance which governs LEV testing.

As LEV is a control measure under COSHH Regulations it must be regularly and thoroughly inspected and tested. As stated above, LEV regulations outline that any employer who uses local exhaust ventilation to control hazardous substances must ensure that it is operating effectively. Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing is a legal requirement in the UK. All equipment must be thoroughly examined and tested by a competent person at least every 14 months to ensure employees are safe.

Equipment that draws pollutants from an operation or process in the working environment. Made up of an inlet like a hood, slit, arm, cabinet or booth. This will be located near to or close to the area of the substance release. All suchlike equipment needs to be connected by ducting and a fan to enable the movement of air. The removed air passed through a filter or is extracted to atmosphere away from the workplace. How Welding Supplies Direct can help ? WE will carry out a thorough tests in line with COSHH Regulation 9 as detailed in HSE Guide HSG258 Our levels of service can be tailored to your Companies needs. However, most clients choose to take advantage of by combining servicing with the LEV testing. Read extra details on HSE LEV Testing.

The requirement for competence for suppliers of goods and services means that the extent and depth of their knowledge and capability must be sufficient to assess and solve the problems they are likely to meet. The more complex a control scenario is and the more serious the results of failure, the greater the degree of competence required. Many trades recognise levels of competence based on qualifications and tests of capability, as well as experience of successful problem-solving over a number of years.