Marian Vasilescu September 21, 2020

Metric cable gland and PG threaded cable glands reviews? Electrical supplies, such as switch cabinets, generators or transistors, pose a high potential for danger, especially in industrial areas endangered by explosion. Since 2016, they must meet the explosion directive 2014/34/EU as an overall system. For instance, in the oil and gas industry, shipbuilding, machine or plant construction, explosive atmospheres often prevail which can be ignited by devices short circuiting or generating heat. In the interests of prevention, the certified ATEX cable entries and designs from reliably shield all device housings and thus guarantee a major contribution to the safety of electrical supplies.

Ratings and standards: Because cable glands are designed with safety in mind, they come with a rating system to ensure you know what you’re getting. The Ingress Protection Marking (IP) rates the glands depending on their design and efficiency throughout different tasks. These rating often go up to IP68 and IP69K. Any cable glands you buy today will also be covered by the new European standard for Cable Glands, EN50262. It’s important to check that any devices placed in explosive atmospheres comply with national or international codes of practice.

Bimed plastic cable glands provide corrosion-resistant sealed cable entry and strain relief into enclosures or electrical equipment. IP68-rated and available in light gray or black, the Standard series offers Panzergewinde (PG) Thread sizes from PG7 to PG48; Protection series glands are available in sizes from PG7 to PG21, and include a strain relief coil. Common applications for cable glands include aerospace, cleanroom, fire protection, industrial, marine, panel or enclosure, power or utility, railway, and telecommunications. Power and utility glands : Designed for use with public utility equipment such as power transmission, distribution, and high voltage equipment. See extra details on PG Threaded Cable Gland.

CMP flameproof cable gland being suitable for armoured cables, provides mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination. A detachable armour cone and CMP AnyWay universal clamping ring arrangement allows the cable to be easily disconnected from the equipment, for maintenance and change out etc, and re-connected with the same consummate ease.

Gable Gland Sizing: Cable gland size tables are provided below for general guidance, however reference should be made to the relevant British Standard or gland supplier. Metric Thread Example: If your instrument, or cable enclosure has a metric thread then using the chart below you can see that if you have a cable with 4 cores, with a nominal area of 4mm2 then an M20 cable-gland should be used. is a leading manufacturer of cable glands located in Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Because of our good production management and large volume we are able to sell you the best cable glands at competitive prices. is your cable glands online warehouse, just a click away. Source: